The Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network, an active group of public and private healthcare leaders, has called for 50% of Medicaid and Commercial healthcare payments and 100% of Medicare payments to be tied to quality measures and value-based payment models by 2025. This trend continues to drive rapid change in the health care system and creates new challenges for health care organizations.

To thrive in this new environment, health care organizations must analyze how performance measures and innovative payment shape the market and identify opportunities to enhance their value proposition to patients and providers.

History of Discern Health

Guy D’Andrea founded Discern in 2004, just as value-based purchasing was entering mainstream health care policy. Discern’s earliest projects focused on the implementation of physician and hospital pay-for-performance programs. At that same time, future Discern partners Tom Valuck and Linda Shelton were working at CMS and NCQA, respectively, helping to build those organizations’ value-based purchasing programs.

Discern grew in the subsequent years to engage in a variety of projects about health care quality measurement and innovative payment. Linda joined Discern as partner in 2010, and Tom joined in 2013 after working as a senior vice president at the National Quality Forum. In 2020, Discern Health joined forces with Real Chemistry (formerly W2O Group) to expand our capabilities and make an even greater impact on healthcare.

Our Mission

We believe quality-based payment and delivery models will create a high-value health system.  We are committed to working with each client to help define and implement innovative strategies that will keep pace with health system transformation.

What We Value

Discern will cultivate long-term relationships with clients and help them achieve success. Discern will provide its employees with a stimulating professional environment that fosters career development and work-life balance.

Discern will deliver high-quality work that is on time and meets or exceeds client expectations. Discern will operate profitably and sustainably.

Discern will engage in projects that contribute to the development of a high-performance health system that delivers better care, achieves better patient outcomes, and lowers overall costs.

New Report: Recommendations for Patient and Family Engagement in Measure Development

Harnessing the stories, ideas, and innovations of patient and caregiver partners is the key to making measurement meaningful. With support from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)...
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Guy D’Andrea Speaks About Innovative Payment Models

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