Discern Health Employees Learn About New Value-Based Care Initiative

July 2019

From left to right: Emily Schutz, Christopher Pilotte, Sara Valek, Sara Khan, Kamryn Scamperle, Osvaldo Arambulo at the Rayburn Office Building.


How can health systems expand access to care while providing high-quality and innovative treatments to patients? In July, several of Discern Health’s new employees and interns attended Measuring and Improving Value-Based Health Care to learn about a new initiative that aims to answer this challenging question. The event was co-hosted by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School (HBS), as part of the Hill Happenings event series in Washington, DC.

The ACS THRIVE (Transforming Health care Resources to Increase Value and Efficiency) initiative is a joint effort between ACS and HBS to research and design solutions for some of the most profound barriers to the provision of and access to surgical patient care: quality, cost, and interoperability. The program will launch pilot projects in 10–15 sites across the US, using the ACS THRIVE model, which focuses on:

  • Effective ways to measure quality,
  • Effective ways to measure costs,
  • New payment models (bundled payments), and
  • New care models (integrated teams).

ACS THRIVE will launch various activities within the pilot sites, including leading clinical working groups focused on high-impact conditions such as colorectal cancer, defining and reaching consensus on outcome measures, and optimizing workload organization so that highly skilled providers are able to spend additional time on patient care.

Discern helps clients navigate the US health care system by understanding how performance measures, innovative payment models, and new stakeholder initiatives are shaping health care markets. For more information about how Discern can help you understand the current health care landscape, please contact Gracelena Ignacio at gignacio@discernhealth.com.

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