Medicare Updates Physician Quality Program

December 2021

In November, CMS issued annual updates to the Medicare Quality Payment Program (QPP), which links physician payment to performance on cost, quality, and patients’ experience of care. Most physicians in the country participate in the QPP, and the program’s measures influence care decisions and population health priorities. Notably, CMS affirmed its goal to use the QPP to advance health equity and address social determinants of health.

The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is the QPP track with the most physician participation. In this year’s updates, CMS announced the implementation of the first set of MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs), which are bundles of measures focused on specific therapeutic areas. Each MVP includes complementary measures and activities and supports patient-centered care and a continued emphasis on the importance of patient outcomes, population health, health equity, and interoperability.

Medicare approved 7 MVPs for the 2023 performance year:

  1. Advancing Rheumatology Patient Care
  2. Coordinating Stroke Care to Promote Prevention and Cultivate Positive Outcomes
  3. Adopting Best Practices and Promoting Patient Safety within Emergency Medicine
  4. Advancing Care for Heart Disease
  5. Optimizing Chronic Disease Management
  6. Improving Care for Lower Extremity Joint Repair
  7. Support of Positive Experiences with Anesthesia

Discern Health worked with its clients to develop and submit the first three MVPs on the list. CMS plans to adopt new MVPs in the coming years and Discern is working with its clients to prepare and develop material for these submissions across a range of therapeutic areas.

Additional information about the QPP is available from the program web site. For more information about how Discern and Real Chemistry can help clients navigate the QPP, please contact Guy D’Andrea at

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